Paradigm Change Capital Partners LLP

Why Specialise

Low Carbon

Clean Energy and its transmission – Energy Efficiency – Ecological Resources

In the complex, dynamic and interdependent world of low carbon, PCCP adds value by providing the exclusive focus and depth of knowledge required, while maintaining a holistic overview across this multifaceted landscape.  Key trends to monitor are:

  • Varying and evolving regulations at the global, regional, national and local levels, with their attendant intricacies and impact on the economics and financing of this infrastructure

  • The granularity and lack of transparency typical of a young industry, such as clean energy

  • The value added by various players in each subsector value chain

  • The speed of innovation and technology evolution, as well as their impact on clean technologies' value chain and pricing

  • Proliferation of new investment intermediaries including corporate and fund investment vehicles as well as direct investment platforms and the relative costs and benefits of each

  • On-going research, data and analysis on asset availability and cost, integrating the most current supply/demand flux

We have significant experience in this space and our professionals bring engineering, corporate finance, technology, regulatory and investment management backgrounds to bear in understanding the challenges of this market.