Paradigm Change Capital Partners LLP


Our team has specialised knowledge in the low carbon investment sector with backgrounds across engineering, corporate finance, technology, regulatory and investment management.

We are a dynamic team with comprehensive experience in investor advisory, project finance, regulatory frameworks, private equity, capital markets and structuring. Our professionals come from some of the world's leading international financial institutions, advisory firms and renewable energy developers:

  • JP Morgan

  • Deutsche Bank


  • Greenwich Capital

  • UBS

  • Royal Bank of Scotland

  • Sustainable Energy DG Centre

  • Saxovent Okologische investments

Our senior professionals have an average of 22 years’ track record dealing with a wide range of investment and operational stakeholders in energy infrastructure and finance:

  • Experience across European, Asian, North and South American clients, resulting in the ability to leverage global insights across diverse appetites

  • In-depth understanding of our clients’ investment challenges derived from decades of work with institutional investors

  • Structuring expertise across a wide variety of assets, legal and fiscal jurisdictions, as well as regulatory frameworks

  • We are driven by quality, integrity and the conviction that technical expertise, specialisation and attention to detail are essential

As an independent boutique, we are in the enviable position of being free from conflict, solely dedicating ourselves to our clients’ interests.

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