Paradigm Change Capital Partners LLP

About Us


Paradigm Change Capital Partners is a leading investment advisor, with expertise in advising institutional investors on low carbon assets and designing specialised collective funding vehicles to access such investments. Our expertise encompasses:

  • Understanding the individual needs and constraints of an investor and how to best accommodate their goals within the low carbon space

  • In-depth knowledge of low carbon value chain participants, from utilities, supply chain manufacturers to developers and independent power producers

  • Creating innovative risk-sharing partnerships to achieve the desired investment profile, while negotiating for maximum alignment of interest for the investor

  • High level contacts with industry leaders to access the best possible assets and portfolios and anticipate market developments

  • Detailed know-how of terms and conditions, pricing and risks across various financial instruments and funding mechanisms

PCCP utilises its in-depth expertise in low carbon assets to assist investors in assessing their choices across a range of available opportunities in low carbon, selecting best-in-class investments according to client defined filters and deciding the optimal methods and channels for accessing such assets.