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    • PCCP collaborates with top law firm, Hogan Lovells, regarding the introduction by Mexico of EFibra investment vehicles and their effects on the energy investment landscape, as the country looks to privatise significant amounts of its energy infrastructure.

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    • PCCP investigates offshore wind investors’ exposure to technical, regulatory and financial risks associated with offshore electricity transmission. The analysis suggests that significant offshore transmission infrastructure failure is a low probability but high impact event which, depending on its timing, can have substantial effects on the expected returns of the offshore wind plant and potentially lead to financial default in the case of highly levered projects.

      [Link to the Devil in the Details report More information in PDF format]

    • PCCP considers one of the alternative route to market proposals for Independent Power Producers under the UK’s proposed Electricity Market Reform - Contract for Difference (CfD) - and sets forth a win-win modification for all stakeholders

      [Link to the DPAM Review report More information in PDF format]


    • A short briefing by PCCP on the Energy Bill announced by the UK government on November 29, 2012

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    • PCCP explores how large-scale financial investors have participated in European green infrastructure to date. The report additionally anticipates future investment trends on how and where investors will look to be involved in the sector going forward

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    • PCCP, in partnership with Norton Rose, explores the much mooted UK renewable energy funding gap, its shape and most specifically the factors contributing to the acceleration, bottle necks and compression of capital demand and supply to 2020

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